Adam Sławiński

born in 1935 in Leśniczówka near Szamocin. He studied musicology at the University of Warsaw. As a student he began operations in periodicals "Movement Music" and "Jazz", which continued into the mid-60s as in "Jazz Forum". In the years 1957-1963 he was the editor of TVP and composed the first musical compositions for Television Theatre. Then he composed music for television series Agnieszka Osiecka's Singing Letters. Beginning in 1965, he wrote the music for about 40 films, theater and television (including K. Kutz , J. Kawalerowicz , A. Wajda , K. Swinarski , J. Utensils , B. Borys-Damięcka , J. Zaorski J. Hoffman spectacles), also the series, as Chłopi (dir. J. Rybkowski ), The Longest War of Modern Europe, Komediantka (both directed by J. Sztwiertnia), Holiday (dir. A. Olsen).

Since the early 70s of last century, composed the works performed at the festivals of new music (Ballad for six percussionists, Canto for string orchestra, Pulsar for percussion and tape, Intermezzo for string quartet).

In 1974-75 he was Deputy Chief Editor of Music Director of the Polish Radio in 1990-91 director of Polish Radio 2nd Programme (introduced to the program live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera, the constant broadcast of electroacoustic music, he decided also about transmitting live for the first time the whole of the Chopin's Intrnational Piano Competition) .

In the years 1985-1991 and 2001-3 worked in the Board of the Polish Composers (among others, served as treasurer, secretary general and vice-president of the Main Board). In the years 2008-11 he was president of the Polish Society for Contemporary Music .

He received a number of awards, including The Award of the Polish Composers, Minister of Culture and Art, Silver Medal Gloria Artis - Cultural Merit.