Zbigniew Bagiński

born in 1949 in Szczecin. He studied composition at the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw (diploma in 1972).

Since his international debut at the Nordiske Musikdage in Copenhagen in 1974 his work have been performed at many prestigious festivals, including the Warsaw Autumn, ISCM World Music Days, Inventionen in Berlin, The Schleswig- Holstein Musik Festival, as at numerous concerts in Europe, the United States and Canada.

As a teacher of compositions, Baginski has been associated whit the Frederic Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw since 1974. In 2004 became Head of the Composition Faculty. He also teaches at the Drama Academy in Warsaw.

In 1989-99 he served as Secretary General of the Polish Composers’ Union, and in 2001 was elected president of the Union’s Warsaw Branch. He received the annual award of the Polish Composers’ Union for 2006.

Selected works: Sinfonia notturna (1984), Symphony in seven scenes (1988), Small Elegiac Symphony (1995), Piano Concerto (1995), Violin Concerto (2002), Concerto for Cello and String Orchestra (1995), A Few Pictures  for Orchestra (2001), Mass for a cappella choir (1992), Miscellanea for Piano (1972), Refrain for two Pianos (1975), Canons, Scherzi, Epigrams… (1987), Nocturne-Berceuse (1989), GPP for 7 (1987), Piano Quintet. Nineteen Pieces (2005), Piccolo quartetto (2003),  Danza generale for violin, clarinet and piano (2005), Circulations for flute, piano, percussion and double bass (2006), IV Symphony (2013)