Marcin Blazewicz

Composer and teacher. Born in Warsaw in 1953. He began to study music when he was 13 years old, first at the Oskar Kolberg primary Music School then at the F. Chopin Secondary Music School (violin, cello ,double bass). Upon passing his secondary school leaving examination he studied natural philosophy at the Academy of Catholic Theology (1975/76). Upon graduating from secondary music school / conducting/ in 1977 he began to study at the Department of Composition, Conducting and Theory of Music at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw in Professor Marian Borkowski's class of composition which he finished with honours (1977-1982). He attended composer courses led by François Bernard Mâche (Pécs, Hungary 1980) and Yannis Xenakis (Salzburg, Delft 1985), obtained a SACEM scholarship from Sociéte des Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (France) and, as holder of an Acanthes scholarship, he attended a course in composition led by Olivier Messiaen in Avignon (France) in 1987.

Professor Marcin Błażewicz has been a member of the faculty of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw since 1985, first as assistant then tutor (1996-2003) and finally as associate professor at the Chair of Composition. He has teached the following subjects: score reading and introduction to composition and instrumentation (his main interest). Since 2003 he has lead the class of composition. He has supervised many master's theses. He was deputy dean of FCUM Department I in 1999-2002 and 2005-2008.In 2007 he was Visiting Professor in Deagu University /South Korea/.In 2008 he was elected dean of the Department of Composition, Conducting and Theory of Music for term 2008-2012.

He has won many competitions including:

  • Polish National Composers' Competition in Legnica, 3rd prize for Pensées (1981),
  • 2nd Polish National Composer's Competition in Białystok, distinction for Kammerkonzert (1981),
  • Competition of the Warsaw Circle of the Polish Composers' Association, 1st prize for Lokomotywa (1982),
  • Young Composers' Competition of the Polish Composers' Association, distinction for Sinnenwelt (1984),
  • International Composers' Competition "Music Today 85", Tokio, Jury's Special Prize for Thanatos (1985),
  • "Radar" magazine's laurel (1985),
  • Stanisław Wyspiański Award (1987),
  • Prix Italia (Perugia, Italy) for music to the radio drama "From the Depth of the Waters" (1989),
  • Prix Italia for Arista - Death Omen (1990).

Marcin Błażewicz has composed commissioned works for Pierre-Yves Artaud /1985/, Paul Mefano's 2e2m (1986), Joseph Herter (1987), Olsztyn Philharmony /1988/,The Dramatic Theatre in Warsaw (1992), Polish Radio BIS (1995),Polish Radio /2003,2006/, "Kolberg" - a German producer of percussion instruments (1996, 1999), Deutschland Radio (1998), the Percussion Arts Society PAS (1998), Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra & World Brass (1999), Marta Klimasara /2004,2005/,Auftragskomposition des Ministerium fur Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Wurttemberg /2007/,Edition Svitzer /2008/, and many others .

He has published a number of articles on the methodology of composition and the aesthetics and philosophy of modern art, e.g.:

  • Scontrism - an artistic self-definition, in: "Program of the 2nd International New Music Forum", Warsaw 1984,
  • Apprehension about music, in: "The Warsaw Autumn Press Bulletin", Warsaw 1987 and "Ruch Muzyczny", Warszawa 1987,
  • The string quartet - an original analysis, in: 1st AMFC Composers' Symposium, Zeszyt Naukowy AMFC no. 42, Warsaw 1999,
  • Some comments on semantic problems in contemporary vocal music, in: "Muzyka chóralna. II Sympozjum Kompozytorskie Akademii Muzycznej im. F. Chopina", AMFC, Warsaw 2001,
  • Die Suche Nach der Transzendenz - Gorlitz 2008
  • many press publications.

Marcin Błażewicz presented a paper "On the situation in Polish Music after 1989" at the 5th Biennial "La recherche musicale en Europa" (Gif-sur-Yvette, France 1992). He has organised more than 200 concerts propagating contemporary music including several cycles: Presentation of Young Composers, Encounters with Contemporary Music, Young Musicians for Young Audiences (Warsaw 1979-81). Artistic director and founder of the International New Music Forum festival (Warsaw 1983-87), artistic director of the International Festival "Jeunesses Musicales" (Częstochowa, 1986, Warsaw 1990). Co-founder of the Modus group (1983), music advisor to the French Institute in Warsaw (1985-86). Member of the jury of the International Radio Festival Prix Italia (Peruggia 1989). Musical director of the Polish Radio Theatre (1986-97). Editor-in-chief of the journal "Muzyka21" (2000-2001).

Member of: ZAIKS (since 1979) including the Board of the Section of Authors of Musical Works (1998-2002), vice-president (since 2002); the Percussion Arts Society (vice-president 1989-98); "Jeunesses Musicales" (president of the Polish section 1989-91), the Polish Composers' Association (since 1999). In 1992/93 he co-operated with Educational Television where he helped to prepare musical broadcasts (the "What is music" cycle) and has been co-operating since 1995 with Polish Radio program BIS, preparing such cyclic programs as "Music Forum" and "Little Philharmonic".

His works are edited by: Shott Music, Editon Svitzer

Interests: contemporary philosophy, oriental philosophy, science (physics, cosmology, biology, psychology), yoga.

Major works:

1. Concertos:

Los Caprichos - concerto for guitar and orchestra /1988/

Concerto for Flute and String Orchestra /1999/

Concerto for Brass and Orchestra /2003/

Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra /2006/

Second Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra /2005/

Concerto rustico for Marimba and Strin Orchestra /2007/

Concerto for trumpet and String Orchestra /2008/

2. Orchestral works:

Journey to the Origins of Time /1979/

Eruptio /1984/

Sinnenwelt - The World of Senses /1984/

Et tua res agitur - funeral music /1987/

3.Vocal instrumental works:

The Atlantis of our Day /1995/

The Darkest Dark - Mystery of Self Liberation /1999/

Symphony Todes-Erfahrung /1994-2004/

4. Dramatic works:

Saint Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio or St Francis' Cutlets - comic opera by Stephan Themerson /1992/

5. Chamber works:

String Quartet /1980/

Brass- Quintet /1981/

Kammerkonzert for 14 instruments /1981/

Arista-death omen for solo percussion /1988/

Samsara for 15 instruments /1994/

As for harp and solo percussion /1997/

Ineffabilis for solo percussion /1998/

Konzertstuck for 10 brass instements and 2 percussions /1998/

Kundalini for 6 percussions /2000/

Piano Quintet /2004/

Sahaj Manush for 2 perccusions /2005/

Sinnenwelt for 2 percussions and 2 pianos /2006/

Sonata for Marimba solo /2009/

Piano Trio /2009/