Aldona Nawrocka

[PhD], composer, pianist, teacher, alumnus of the Fr. Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw, she studied composition in the class of prof. M. Borkowski. She continued studying composition in B. Skrzypczak’s class at the MusikHochschule Luzern (Swiss). She participed in many workshops followed by brief studies with E. Sikora, S. Montegue, A. Brødsgaard; also during the ‘Académie de Musique du XXéme siècle’ 1999, Paris, France (P.Boulez D. Robertson) and the ‘Académie d’Eté’ 2001 – IRCAM Paris (B.Ferneyhough, M.-A. Dalbavie).

She is a laureate of various polish and international competitions. She participated as a composer in interdisciplinary creative projects (including Schreiben in Beromünster - Switzerland 2005, Coaching Project-Dancing Poznan 2010 and 2016). For years, he has been collaborating with choreographers - including E.Wycichowska A.Dziurosz, P.Andrzejewska, R.Bondara - creating music for dance performances (“Persona”-TWON 2011, “action / CONTRaction / REaction” - Musica Electronica Nova 2013, “Roots”-Zürich 2015, “Let the living bury the dead” - PTT 2017). 

She composes instrumental-, vocal-, electronic music, working in many multimedia projects. her works have been performed in Poland and abroad. In addition, he writes songs and songs for children and develops music for dance, theater and television.

He gives concerts as a pianist and chamber musician. She also deals with journalistic, scientific and organizational activities, takes an active part as a speaker in artistic and scientific conferences. She currently lectures at the Fr. Chopin Music University of Warsaw (FCUM). She is a member of the Polish Composer’s Union.